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Coffee & Corks

The Writer's Coffeeshop

The Writer's Coffeeshop
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The writing community you've been looking for.

At heart, we are a writing community, dedicated to supporting writers no matter their struggles, strengths or weaknesses. We are active and encourage real community between our members. There are daily challenges, weekly questions, inspirational notes, and more. Advice, questions, info and anything else can be found about us on the main page of the community - so please check us out!

F A Q s
While this isn't a list of rules as such, you would do well to adhere to the answers - mostly because it's the easiest way to fit in (:
  • So who are you guys?
    Well, we're coffeeandcorks! Okay, that's a cheap answer. We're a writing community that wants to put that community feel back into livejournal. We offer something a little extra special that we didn't find anywhere else in the livejournal writing world.

  • Where does the name come from?
    The founder, cenowar, used to go to a wonderful little coffee shop in her local town. It was very bohemian, very relaxed. It sold unique and affordable tea, coffee, milkshake and the like. The sofas (and only sofas, no chairs) were all comfortable with pretty covers and cushions. The ceiling was plastered with written testimonials that customers had given them, old photographs, random book pages, and more. There were unlined notebooks on every table for customers to doodle in, write messages, jot down thoughts - these were then left for other people to flick through or add to as they chose. The staff were friendly, knew you by name. In the evening the beverages became alcoholic and local musicians would come in to play the fiddle, or sing, or rap against the backdrop of a violin (seriously). She once witnessed a man dress as a viking reciting poetry. It was a wonderful place. She used to spend hours in there, writing, dreaming. Then, one day, a long time ago, it closed. It is now a stark vegetarian restaurant which, while nice, is not quite the same. That place was Coffee & Corks. And it's the inspiration behind what you see here today.

  • What kinds of writing do you accept?
    More or less everything! Fiction, original fiction, fanfiction, poetry, non-fiction, essay drafts - whatever you are working on that you would like some feedback or help on is welcome. Fiction will be what is most commonly found around here, and our main aim is to achieve an active original fiction community - however, for now, any and all are welcome :)

  • What can I expect from this community?
    While it's easier to convince you with actions rather than with words, you can find here a safe haven for you and your writing. Having trouble with a character? Talk to us about it. Is a scene you've planned not quite going how it should? Tell us! Do you need more inspiration? We have daily/weekly devices in line to help you on your way. You can generally expect support, help, and constructive criticism as and when you need it.

  • Why are you members only?
    It's less members only and more active members only - you can watch and browse and reply to public threads as much as you like! The reason there's an added 'members' bit is because some people like going the extra mile - they want to interact, make friends, review others' work as well as get feedback on their own. And those are the people who will find the happiest home among us.

  • How do I become a member?
    Same as any other LJ community - just click "Join" in the top right hand of this page. The only reason you will be rejected is if you haven't made a single comment on any of the threads and we don't recognise you - otherwise, you're good to go!

  • What can I expect from membership?
    You will be able to post your own works and gain feedback on it. You will be able to see any locked entries in the community (some members may feel they do not want to push their work out for entirely public vision). You will be able to make suggestions to the site, post up your own ideas/inspiration notes/queries/questions. You'll get your own author-tag. You'll be able to participate in the Friendship Meme, and have a direct say in any writing competitions we may run (via polls mostly) - loads of things!

  • How should I tag my post?
    Depending on what you are submitting, this will vary. There are a variety of tags - a full list of which can be found via the sidebar - so use whichever one you like. We ask that tag's beginning with # be reserved for mod-use only. You must tag your post with your author-name. If you are new, one will be created for you.

  • I'm not a writer, can I still join?
    Many people who watch our community won't be authors. They'll either just enjoy good reading, or they'll be avid reviewers, or they might be thinking about starting to get into the world of writing but aren't sure how. The easy answer is yes, you can. However, posting is limited to authors rather than reviewers or readers - nonetheless, you'll still get most of the added benefits of being a member. And if you are a dedicated and proficient reviewer - you will probably get an award for all your hard work! ;)
The should just about cover the most pressing topics. More info can be found at the journal itself. If you have any more questions, please direct them to our Page-a-Mod service, where they will be answered in due course.

With love,

T H E . T E A M
Founder: cenowar (I do all the boring stuff like trying to keep people interested and making sure the community is still relevant!)

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