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5/11 to 11/10 - Weekly Question - Writer's Block
Coffee & Corks
cenowar wrote in coffeeandcorks
Not so long ago, livejournal had a "Writer's Block" feature. A daily question appeared on the front page of livejournal when you logged in, with the option of viewing all the users' responses who had replied. In 2012, livejournal abolished the beloved Writer's Blog due to "technical glitches".

Every week, once a week on Saturdays, Coffee & Corks will post a question of its own. The question can either be answered a) RP style, as one of the characters you're working on, to help you better understand them, or b) as yourself to generate community discussion.

You're encouraged to reply to the question via comments - and also to reply to other users who have spoken. If you/someone else decides to RP a character, be aware that other users may ask further questions of that character.

It'll generally be named as a weekly discussion thread, in any case, and will be a bit of a no-holds-barred. The first few will be public entries, for obvious reasons, but as we gain more members this will eventually become a members-only event.

Anyway - without much further ado... This week's Writer's Block!

Haven't seen you around here before. What's your story?
Asked by cenowar

If you are interested in submitting questions for the Writer's Block, please leave them here. If your question is selected, it will be labelled in the next week's Writer's Block. And then you can feel good about yourself, for being a valued member! Yay! :)

With love,


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